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Community Manager

Location: Remote

Employment Type: Full-Time/Volunteer

What You’ll Do

• Thought leadership in the infrastructure, activation and funding design of the esports strategy.
• Working with the distributed team to identify best practices for esports events, scrims, streams, including the Tournaments.
• Responsible for the design and execution of the esports strategy in India and South Asia
• Management of the esports platform "To be developed", including identifying tech partnerships, content strategy and promotion.
• Strategic partnership on Esports content strategy including: live broadcasts, community, social media, promotional and video.
• Coordinate Tournament Feature Program management in Region
• Design and implement Regional activations around global and local esports sponsorships
• Assist in the execution and management of 1st party programs in region
• Management and promotion of CCEs esports programs at key esports events in Region
• Responsible for seeking opportunities and seeding the India market with in the intent of furthering the goals of the CCE globally and locally
• Regional budget development and management
• Support and implementation of the global esports "branding" program in the region
• Lead esports relations with internal departments, specifically, working closely with marketing, promotions, corporate communications and publisher relations in order to ensure success of Global program(s).
• Handle relevant KPI's for the region and its esports program
• Identify and facilitate relationships within the esports/ competitive gaming community

Who You Are

• Extensive knowledge of the competitive gaming landscape, specifically,
• Tournament formats
• Publisher activities
• Strong ability to network with leaders and influencers within the competitive gaming space
• Experience crafting business models
• Strong presentation skills
• Validated management/ leadership success
• Strong financial foresight
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills
• Ability to influence decisions on a global scale

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