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Video Editor

Location: Remote

Employment Type: Full-Time/Volunteer

What You’ll Do

• Edit and produce videos by using advanced editing and special effects software.
• Ensure quality of videos and present final product in a format compatible with multiple devices (e.g. web, mobile, IOS etc.).
• Select music and sound effects to create mood, desired tone and flow of video.
• Use storytelling techniques to create emotional connection with viewers.
• Create scripts for content, choosing an appropriate style for different sources (e.g. twitter, youtube etc.).
• Create storyboards for videos based on script specifications.
• Perform research and choose relevant topics for videos.
• Review video footage from multiple sources (e.g. news clips), write scripts and develop narratives.
• Edit video footage in post-production activities such as color correction, sound mixing etc.
• Work on animations/motion graphics to add animation/special effects to videos
• Produce and edit Trailers for multiple campaigns and different marketing placements
• Design trailers and videos from start to finish: beginning with initial concept, treatments, and storyboards, and ending with final video deliverables for Marketing, UA and Social
• Making sure to supply all support materials as needed, this includes preparing media and other assets for external utilization

Who You Are

You can :
• Edit full length Youtube videos matching our brand editing guidelines.
• Edit videos for Insta Reels, Youtube shorts and similar platforms.
• Adapt quickly to different styles of content, IRL and reaction.
• Understand how to create fast action videos for a Youtube audience.
• Knowledge of editing softwares such as adobe premiere and after effects
• Strong portfolio showcasing design work that has shipped to market as well as your design process
experience as a Video Editor/Producer within the entertainment/gaming industry

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